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I have designed this blog with the small business owner in mind. I know that we all have budgets to work within and I want to help each and every business out there (who wants my help) to find a way to market their business effectively , efficiently, and inexpensively!

You will find that I will be posting free methods to use for marketing your business. I will be posting low-cost methods to use for marketing your business, but I will not post methods that are outrageously priced. Because I feel most of the time you can accomplish your marketing goals without spending a lot of money.

I will also be telling you about the different services that I offer to my clients and all of which are at reasonable rates. My specialty is small business marketing and virtual assistance. I will talk about each of my services individually to give you an idea of what it is that I do for my customers/clients.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Save money on your weekly groceries.

If you want to learn more about couponing, visit my newest blog:

Here is a site to go to in order to print coupons , these are in addition to the ones you get out of your local sunday paper:

Printable Coupons

Let me know how your savings start to add up and what you may do with the money you save,

Monday, June 6, 2011


Mommy Bags Marketing is starting up again for the last half of the 2011 Year. Our July Edition of Bags will go out the first week of July. So the deadline to be in these fantastic little niche marketing bags is June 21st!

This means I must have all your marketing pieces for the bags (250 pieces for 250 bags) , yes I raised the amount of bags due to larger demand for them from our Mommy and Womens Groups......

We already have quite a few participants, so please email me asap at jlynn72@gmail.com and see if your company is still available for a spot in the Bags! If you haven't participated in a while, the cost has gone up to $50 per month. (This covers my cost for bags, ribbon, my time for puttting them together, my time for delivery, and my gas costs for delivery since I go out of county for some deliveries now days.) With this you are getting a Free Ad Spot on my Mommy Bags Blog and my Lynn Marketing Blog, your choice of a text ad or a banner ad. It stays up for the month that you participate in only...this will be monitored more closely since I have an assistant now and she will be handling most of the blogging and ad work so I can focus on the bags more.

If you aren't interested but know someone who may be, send them our way! Its actually a great price for what you are getting: 1. Ad on Mommy Bags Marketing Blog 2. Ad on Lynn Marketing Concepts Blog 3. Exposure to 250 very responsive women looking for and asking for these advertising bags each and every month. Most of them are stay at home moms, some may be looking for a part-time career, others may be looking for a gift from time to time for friends and family. And we all know that women are the gift buyers of the family!

Hope to see you in the July Bags,


Check out my newest blog my friends!

I am back and better than ever!  And boy do I have some awesome suggestions for you all!
For starters, my brand new blog:
find all the information for saving money and using coupons effectively in one spot....instead of skipping around to all the different blog sites giving conflicting information

I will tell it like it is!
And NO , you will not be saving 90% off every grocery trip you make to the ol Kroger!  That is a farce and is misleading....those people don't bother to tell you they are "purchasing" extra coupons in order to buy multiples of items to make their total bill inflated and then of course they have the coupons that they spent money on , to save them money....
Makes no sense to me!  That's not saving money.
Go to my new website now and look at my post about my trip to walmart and that is real savings....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Thursday, February 17, 2011